White Daisy

“White Daisy” was inspired by the Jacksonville City Council meeting I attended January 10, 2017. Many speakers stood before the council members in an overflowing room to discuss their feelings about the proposed Human Rights Ordinance that seeks to place protections on members of the LGBTQ community. To my surprise, there were many individuals who were against the ordinance. Many cited their religious beliefs as the central motive behind their opposition, in addition to many biased claims and grandiose embellishments. In juxtaposition were the courageous folks who gracefully shared their heartwarming and heartbreaking experiences. I was moved by their stories and felt a deeper connection to myself and to my community. Most inspiring were two young people who spoke about the bullying and inequity they encounter at school and in Jacksonville.

The title, “White Daisy” represents the struggle that queer people face in their life, sometimes on a daily basis. White daisies carry the meaning of cheerfulness but are also seen in sidewalk cracks as they can thrive in the most unexpected places. Many of my friends have been ousted from their families because of their gender identity and/or sexual orientation, and have started their lives over. They are resilient, beautiful humans and are often the heart and backbone of the LGBTQ community. This is a song of hope and progress. I encourage all of you to live meaningfully and promote justice and equality throughout your communities for us all.